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New blog layout

With this I'm switching to a new blog layout based on material for mkdocs rather than the old layout based on pelican. I tried to keep the mostly white layout from the previous blog, but still went with a generally more modern look and feel. In addition, the new and shiny blog provides a couple of new features that I feel are improvements.

Semantic versioning and semv

It is somewhat clear that software releases should carry a version like v3 or v1.1 or something. But this often seems more or less arbitrary, and you might feel that just counting git-commits or adding the current date would do equally well. After all, these would be easy to create automatically and once set up, you would never have to think about versioning again.

In fact, I used to think that way. I don't think so anymore though. More yet, I believe that versions are a key ingredient in decoupling different software components. At least if the versions are done right.